Best Restaurants in Nuneaton

Best Restaurants in Nuneaton

Wherever you choose to visit, one thing that worries everyone is the availability of good food. Nuneaton caters this need of its visitor’s quite well as it has a variety of food to offer to offer on the menu: from Indian, Asian, Nepali to of course the more common choices of British tastes.

Agra Palace is Nuneaton’s premier favourite Indian restaurant with its award-winning cuisine. It is the town’s oldest Indian restaurant which offers you possibly the best Indian food in town prepared by its expert chefs. The staff service is always welcoming whether you choose to dine in or take away your food with you along the journey around the Nuneaton town.

The Crossed Khukris Gurkha Restaurant offers you with the best-quality Asian, Nepali and Vegetarian-friendly food. Their immaculate customer service is often applauded for by the regular customers apart from the delicious and fine quality of their food. The restaurant no doubt adds to the cultural diversity to the Nuneaton town providing it with the food from the far side of the world.

The White Stone comes with British tastes with ideal meals of Pub and Bar with Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. Its steaks are loved for the Sunday lunch. Although, the menu offered is not very diverse in variety but the fine quality of food and warm customer service compensate the lack of meals on offer in this pub/restaurant.

La Tavola Calda is another popular choice which comes with Italian and British foods on the menu. The wide variety of and mouth-watering meals are accompanied by great service which is worth your money. The Italian food gives Nuneaton another glow of how diversified needs it caters to its visitors from all around the world coming from different social and cultural backgrounds.


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