12 Seater Minibus Hire

A 12 Seater Minibus is a great option when you need something a bit bigger than the 8 seaters, but when a ‘normal’ sized 16 minibus hire is just too big. This is a great option for a lot of people in many different situations. This minibus also provides adequate room for luggage, although it does not have the room that one of the larger minibuses on offer from Nuneaton Minibus Hire.

Nuneaton Minibus Hire operates a 12-seater minibus that is suitable for many different needs. It contains all the modern amenities that you would expect to find such as seat belts and climate control. Although not one of the companies luxury vehicles, this vehicle can transport 12 people and their luggage inadequate comfort.

This can be a great option for Nuneaton Minibus Hire. Get in touch with our call handling team to find out if this vehicle will meet your needs. This is certainly a competitively priced vehicle that can provide a very cheap solution for many of clients. Give us a call to find out more today.

12 Seater Minibus hire Nuneaton

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