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Nuneaton Minibus Hire has an excellent reputation in the Nuneaton area. This has been built over many years. As an organisation, we are extremely proud of all that we have achieved and the services that we offer to all our customers. Nuneaton Minibus Hire strives to be an industry-leading business in the Nuneaton and surrounding areas.

Safety is the number one priority every time at Nuneaton Minibus Hire. We ensure that all our passengers are safe when they travel with us. All our vehicles have appropriate seat belts. Our fleet of a diverse range of vehicles is highly maintained to ensure that they are of reliable and safe for our customers use. All vehicles are regularly serviced and meet UK safety standards. Our drivers are what makes our business a success. All of our drivers have worked in the industry for many years and understand what they mean to the business. Our drivers are highly vetted when they join us to ensure that they share our values as a business. Many of our drivers have lived in the Nuneaton area all of their lives meaning that they have expert local knowledge that will help you with your journey.

Our fleet of vehicles means that we are able to accommodate many diverse needs when it comes to transport. For example, we can provide a small minibus right up to a large coach and anything in between. This helps to keep our prices low and pass on the savings to you. At Nuneaton Minibus Hire we are proud to offer all our customers a fair deal and provide them with competitively priced services every time.

Nuneaton Minibus Hire is a superb business that you can trust when it comes to hiring a minibus or coach hire. In order to discuss your requirements, call us today to discuss your needs. Our office staff are ready to take your telephone call in order to discuss your transport requirements today. We will take the details of your requirements and help you find a cost-effective solution that will meet all of your needs and those of your fellow travellers. When you choose Nuneaton Minibus Hire you can rest assured that you will be provided with superb customer service where safety is the number one priority.

Vehicles used by Nuneaton Minibus Hire

To enjoy the heartwarming and peaceful town of Nuneaton, Nuneaton Minibus Hire can accommodate you with a large variety of vehicles so that it allows you to move freely at ease with comfort and at your own pace and will whenever and wherever. We aim to ensure that when you choose to travel with Nuneaton Minibus Hire, you receive exemplary service in one of our highly maintained, comfortable vehicles.

Our large variety of vehicles can be chosen from different interiors to exteriors along with different features. This allows you to have a greater choice when customizing your own vehicle so you can get what fits and what suits your needs and comforts best.

Iveco 16 Seat Standard Minibus

The Iveco minibus is a loyal partner of ours for a long time and is known for its reliability and secure travel which satisfy our customers to a great extent during their travel around the town’s visiting places such as museums and parks. The air conditioning in the minibus ensures the highest comfort level for its passengers throughout their travel to and from different places around the town. Moreover, it also provides with heated seats for travel with comfort and ease during the winter season where travel around the town becomes a major difficulty for the people.

This is a standard size minibus which means that it is one of the most versatile vehicles that we operate at Nuneaton Minibus Hire. In addition to the 16 seats, the vehicle is also able to carry a considerable amount of luggage – enough for a moderate amount for each passenger. When you get in touch with us we will make sure that the Iveco meets your needs before we provide it as a suitable vehicle for you.

This is a cost-effective solution for many people. It is a great choice whether you require a standardly sized minibus to transport a group of friends for a night out or if you need to take your extended family to the airport.

Ford Transit 12-16 Minibus

The Ford is very much the flagship of the minibus industry as a whole and certainly is the backbone of Nuneaton Minibus Hire. The minibus is an excellent choice and one that again provides comfortable, reliable transport for up to 16 passengers.

There is also considerable room in the Ford Transit for luggage. It is a great choice for comfortable, reliable transport on a budget. Get in touch today with our office staff who will help you decide whether the Ford Transit will meet your needs.

Mercedes 8 and 16 Seaters Executive

If you are looking for a more luxurious option when it comes to minibuses, then the Mercedes could be a great option. This vehicle is one that we are very proud to operate at Nuneaton Minibus Hire. It is a great solution if you are looking to impress your passengers. This vehicle is a very popular choice among our corporate customers. However, you may also be looking to hire transport for another event such as a wedding and the Mercedes can be an excellent choice for this, also.

Our team will advise you on our pricing structure for this option. This vehicle coupled with excellent customer service and a professional driver will certainly impress your passengers. The Mercedes is extremely comfortable and provides passengers with a range of amenities to ensure that they are comfortable and well looked after throughout their trip.

Renault 16 Seater Standard

The 16 seater standard Minibus is another great option for Nuneaton Minibus Hire. Like the Ford Transit and Iveco Minibus it provides standard accommodation for its passengers, meaning that they will be transported in comfort. The Renault is priced competitively and is a great option where the budget is important. Get in touch with the team to discuss prices and options on the Renault.

Volkswagen Crafter Minibus

Our Volkswagen manufacturer minibuses come in four different lengths and three different heights so that you can choose whichever suits the size of your family or the group of friends to travel around the Nuneaton Town with all the ease. It, the Volkswagen Crafter, comes in 17-seater and also in the medium wheelbase as a 14-seater in order to provide you optimum space and safety during your travel around the town. The German-made vehicles are known for their reliability and safety that is always satisfactory for its passengers.

Moreover, one of the major attractions of Volkswagen vehicles is their flexibility for various reasons such as wheelchair access through internal or underfloor tail lift. This ensures that vehicles are accessible and accommodating to people of all different ages. There are further attachments which ensure spacious and easy travel within passenger seats and for wheelchair occupants. The Volkswagen minibus can be used for schools, care homes, community transport, and basic secure transport from one place to another and for charities.

The electric plug door and touch-screen multimedia system are also provided by the Iveco minibus for CD and GPS facilities. For further security of its travellers, it comes with Electronic Stability program. Other features include Electronic Brake for distribution, the drag torque control; the hill hold control and much more all ensure the finest level of comfort and safety to the passengers all along their travel.

With such an excellent range of vehicles on offer from Nuneaton Minibus Hire, we are sure to find one that meets your needs and the needs of your fellow passengers. Get in touch with us today to discuss your exact requirements. We will be sure to provide you with a competitive quote.

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