Hotels to stay in Nuneaton

Hotels to stay in Nuneaton

Nuneaton offers a number of good choices to its visitors when it comes to accommodation. The price range varies from high to low which provides for the reasonable stay for a person coming from any financial background.

Holiday Inn Express is a 3-star hotel with free Wifi and free parking.  Its breakfast is highly commended by the people who stayed here; the coffee and the options from yoghurt to full English is its major attraction for the breakfast. Although they do not have a laundry service they have an agreement with a local laundry that picks up and delivers at the hotel’s door.

Longshot Hotel is another 3-star hotel which is the most economical in town. It comes with free internet, free parking and a restaurant. The cleanliness and spacious rooms are often what the visitors find really comforting and peaceful. Although, from outside the hotel may not seem to be very attractive but the quality of rooms, and services, and a very reasonable bar prices compensate for the exterior looks of this 3-star hotel, which is a popular choice among the visitors who wish to save some money while they have an enjoyable and safe trip around the town.

Millers Hotel is a 4-star hotel that comes packed with top quality services for its customers. The occupants are provided with the free breakfast, free internet and free parking services. The 4-star facilities are a great value for your money as the prices are quite reasonable. The hotel is friendly and helpful along with the clean and spacious rooms which make your stay comfortable.


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