Top 10 things to do in Nuneaton

Top 10 things to do in Nuneaton

The peaceful town of Nuneaton with its warm-hearted people is a nice place to travel in and enjoy a fine evening. Here is the list of 10 things that you must do when you visit Nuneaton:

  1. Wacky Warehouse, Bermuda Park. It is an indoor park for the children from 0 to 12 years old. Where parents can spend their weekends visiting here along with their children; the park provides a safe adventurous play area including a climbing maze and regular arts and crafts sessions. Children may choose to play in the more natural environment and enjoy their time playing in more of a natural environment.
  2. Plantasia Atherston. This is one of an outdoor zoo and wildlife parks. The rainforest exploration facilities allow children to learn their way on how to protect their planet by getting closer to the natural plantations and natural habitats of animals. You can enjoy two different climate zones in a single place, namely arid and tropical
  3. Bosworth Water Park. This water park consists of a small lake surrounded by sand which gives it a more of beach-like feel. It has plenty of space for playing ball games and taking peaceful strolls. Paddle boats are one of the main amusements here, especially for the children.
  4. Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. Visiting Nuneaton and not going to its museum and art gallery at the centre of the town is bit unfortunate. Along with the permanent exhibitions of the infamous local writer, there are new exhibitions every other week. The exhibitions are not just local but could also be provided by the tourists, namely touring exhibitions.
  5. Arbury Hall. Turned into a Gothic Revival architecture houses many historically important artefacts such as antique furniture. The guides are available who can you give you an informative historical visit to the Arbury Hall telling you about its local history.
  6. Hartshill Hayes Country Park. This nature park allows you to walk on the top of the hills and cherish the serenity of mesmerizing views that would utterly refresh your souls. It is an amazing place for the children too; the park is also equipped with onsite free toilets.
  7. Abbey Theatre. This local theatre is a must visit for people who cherish and love watching artistic performances. The performance includes theatre plays, pantomime, visiting opera, musicals and ballet. People also invariably enjoy the warmth of the friendly staff.
  8. Astley Castle. The castle has a national significance and a major landmark in the town of Nuneaton. The picturesque castle’s landscape comprises the moated castle, gateway, lake, church and curtain walls along with the beauty of some beautiful gardens.
  9. Tunnel Brewery. The tunnel tour is filled with historical information about the tunnel. After every stop of the tour, the visitors are provided with a bottle, followed by cheese to try. Even if you do not drink the visit to the tunnel is worth taking.
  10. Escapism – live escape game. This is a major attraction for youth visiting Nuneaton. The Escapism provides you with a puzzle game. The players are trapped in the study of Lord Curlew after been given the video briefing. The participants have to solve the puzzle in time or else they would face the dreading consequences of the game.

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